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Yesterday's Leg Session Result + Total Transformation Challenge (details at the bottom)

Yesterday's leg session was tough.

As I increase the amount of time for the back squat, it becomes more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Don't get me wrong, it is not easy physically at all (I walk ridiculously afterwards :D ).

For yesterday's leg session I planned at least 105 squats in 4 minutes.

Unfortunately, I could perform "only" 102. I still did more than a hundred, so I'm quite happy.

The two exercises afterwards were pretty hardcore as well and made my legs burning as they have never burnt before.

On the picture, you can see my legs after the session. They were pretty pumped, and becasue of the muscle fatique I hardly could walk.

Here is a challenge for you. You won't need any equipment, just your own bodyweight, some space, a timer and willpower.

The Challenge:

- perform bodyweight squats for 2 minutes today

- rest two days

- perform your squats again but add 20 seconds to the time

- rest two days again

- keep adding 20 seconds each session with two days rest between until you finish your 16th workout

- ideally record your attempts so you can check your technique and later on you can compare your pace, technique and determination with earlier sessions

- comment the number of the repetitions you could do below every time you train (or send me the video)

- those who take part in the challenge can win 2 weeks FREE 1on1 training with me (offer expired)

Rules of the squat:

- both heels are touching the floor throughout the whole exercise

- knees are in line with your toes

- bottom position - thighs are parallel to the floor or even lower

- top position - knees slightly bent, never locked

- back is straight

- arms ideally in front of you at shoulder height or behind the head

- you cannot stop until you reach the given amount of time

- quality over quantity!


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