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My experience on my experiment

Challening. Mental. Uplifting. Amazing. Works. Great fun. Burn.

These are just a few of the words I would use to describe the 8 week long training plan I've just finished.

I've started the program with squatting for 2 minutes non-stop. I was really happy with my 54 repetitions with 40kg on my back.

Let's compare the datas of my first and last sessions:

1st session:

- back squat @40kg for 2:00 minutes - 54 repetitions

- leg extension @35kg - 2x30 repetitions (2-3 stops for a few second due to pretty painful burning)

- hamstring curl @57.5kg - 3x6-10 repetitions, 12 sec rest and worked again until I could even slightly bend my knees

16th session:

- back squat @40kg for 7:00 minutes - 157 repetitions

- leg extension @41.3kg - 2x30 repetitions (3 stops)

- hamstring curl @93kg - 3x6-10 repetitions, 12 sec rest and worked again until I could even slightly bend my knees

As you see, I almost tripled the number of squats I did. I am really happy with this number :)

The increase of the weight of the leg extension wasn't so big but believe me this is a huge achievement too.

I almost doubled the weight of the hamstring curl exercise. At the beginning I did think that the difference will be this big, so this is a great surprise for me.

Let's talk about other changes I noticed (well, not just me):

- I definitely increased the muscle mass in my legs. The change in the definition of my quads are noticable at the end of the training program compared to any other times in the past.

- I feel much more stable standing and walking than before.

- The mentally challenging days and moments during the workouts taught me how to push even further and further. At first, I thought that I'm a tough cookie but at some point, when I still had 2 minutes of squatting and I was about to quit, something clicked in me and from that moment I was unstoppable. I will always remember that moment which will help me in the future.

- My pain threshold is much higher than before.

- My squat technique increased a lot (practise makes better and better).

- Ankle & hip mobility increased.

- I feel great in general :)

I definitely will give this training plan another go at some point in the future. I'm really curious what I can achieve with heavier weights.

Now back to heavy squats again. Can't wait :)

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