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"Peter embodies ‘total transformation.’ He does it through thoughtful and expressive whole body workouts. The variety of exercises is key to the transformation. To build strength and endurance with enjoyment, do it with Peter. The best personal training I’ve had, ever."


—  Will Hodgman

"I have been training with Peter since June 2015. I have a busy working life and having a personal trainer provides structure and focus to my training in order to maintain a reasonable level of fitness despite too much time spent in an office chair. Peter's sessions are challenging but varied and enjoyable and he demonstrates a high level of professional knowledge. As well as the day to day training Peter has helped with recovery from injury, and specific to goal training, for example preparing for skiing trips. I would thoroughly recommend him."


"I have been training with Peter for several months and he has helped me achieve my goals which include muscle gain and conditioning. He is very knowledgeable and especially good at getting me to push myself to get the most out of each training session. He is a great motivator and friendly and i would certainly recommend him as a fitness instructor."


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