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Upper body workout

I've got an interesting question the other day:

"How do you train?"

To answer this question I recorded one of my upperbody workout this week (cuts are only between different exercises), so you can see what I do before every set, how I prepare myself physically and mentally.

So, this was my upper body workout on the 15th February. I hope you enjoyed it too :) Throughout the workout I rested 50 seconds between sets (which I will gradually decrease) and even less when I changed exercise. The exercises were the following: - push press - pull-up (3 different grip) - triceps dip - biceps curl - cable lat pulldown - cable triceps extension

It was a great workout which you can try too.

In case these exercises where too much for you, I am more than happy to modify the exercises for your fitness/strength level.

Send me an email or contact with me in any possible way ;) All the best!

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