- from couch to 5k

- all the way up to ultramarathon distances

- get used to longer distances gradually

- increase your fitness level dramatically

- running is NOT bad for your knees ;)

- let's run together

Personal Training

(1-on-1 / 2-on-1)

- improves your body composition

- makes you feel and look amazing

- improves performance

- increases energy levels

- reduces chronic pain

- builds confidence


Sports Massage

- reduces chronic pain

- relieves cramped muscles

- reduces tension headaches

- increases range of motion

- improves posture

Kickboxing & Muay Thai

for Fitness

- improves balance and coordination

- builds stamina

- boosts confidence

- improves your reflexes

- decreases stress levels

Injury Rehabilitation

-targeted exercises are used to help you return to pre-injury function

- personalized exercise prescription is used to improve mobility restrictions

- helps reduce susceptibility to further sport-related injuries

- preparation to avoid recurring injury episodes

- helps achieve peak athletic performance

Neurokinetic Therapy

- identify the neurologically overactive and underactive muscle groups

- release the tension in the overactive muscles using massage and other techniques

- activate the muscle groups which have been inhibited by the overactive muscles

-be pain free

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